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Production line completed and orders out.

Sino Purchasers and SMC together since 2003 have released the “Best Dirt Bike out of China”!
Sino purchasers teamed up with SMC’s Chris Holbrook in late 2003 to assist with the development of their prototypes, and have assisted all the way though to final production of the SMC range of dirt bikes.

“As a long term project we have aimed at creating the best bike out of China!”
Many companies have tried to improve on existing Chinese motorcycles to bring to the global market, but none have been competitive or successful with this approach. With this in mind, SMC took a long, slow approach to develop their motorcycles, the result being an excellent motorcycle line that can compete with the best brands in the global market.
The components we use are superior to those used on other bikes made in China thus they more expensive. This bike is designed to compete with the Japanese bikes not other Chinese bikes!

First releases are the SMC YB150 and SMC YB250 models

Note: Distributor rights are tied up in some countries

July 2006 - IRAQ Supply

Sino Purchasers Ltd appointed as the official purchasing and logistics office for the Khudairi Group for product supply from China to Iraq.

Products including;
Construction supplies
Heavy machinery
Medical equipment
Food and drink lines

Products to be considered for shipment to Iraq need to be only of the best quality with suppliers showing the ability to meet ongoing orders.  This must include ISO certification and suitable product warrantees and be able to offer operator training where required.
Suppliers need to be able to provide long term supply capability and prove reliability to be considered. Services within Iraq through the Khudairi Group includes, logistics, warehousing, and food distribution links

Feb 2006 - China Heavy Industry Supply

Sino Purchasers Ltd opens a second satellite office in Central China as a supply service for various coalmines, power stations and industries throughout Central China and Inner Mongolia

Sino Purchasers provide purchasing services of heavy machinery, industrial supplies and consumables and can source those hard to find specialist machine parts from Western Countries.
Sino Purchasers satellite office in Taiyuan, Central China, is the direct contact for supply and has fostered excellent relationships within the mining community and also is well connected with both private enterprises and State (Government) run power station and coal mines.
Sino Purchasers can arrange logistics, documentation and delivery direct to mine sites
For suppliers wanting to introduce product to these industries within China, please forward details direct to Sino Purchasers Ltd.:


Any inquires contact:


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