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Manufacturing Services

Sino Purchasers Ltd offers complete manufacturing services within the fields of Plastic injection Mold Manufacture, Plastic Production, Metal and Steel Casting, Machining, Metal Forming with assembly, packing and consolidation capabilities prior to shipping.

We use sub- contract independent engineers’ specific to the required field of production and offer customers design support and QA services for complete management of their projects.

Plastic Injection Mold Manufacture and Production Services

Sino Purchasers has had 3 years business relationship with it s recommended Mold and Plastics Production factory as well has co-operated with sharing investing costs  in machinery to aid production for specified projects.

As a specialist in Mold design and manufacture for various kinds of plastic injection and die casting Molds, we use our team of experienced Mold design engineers to design the Mold structure in Solid Works or Auto Cad.  The Molds are produced according to German and US Standards with majority of tools being shipped to Canada, Germany and Italy.


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The tooling shop possesses Japanese, Taiwanese and domestic high-precision mechanic processing equipment, including 120 T Die Spotting machine, 6 CNC processing centers, 6 EDM machines, 1 CNC metal laser processing machine, 32 mills, 10 CNC lathes, 10 lathes, 9 large grinders, 1 slow cutter, 8 linear cutters, 2 scissor machines, 4 bending machines, 10 punches, 2 hydraulic machine and 11 injection machines. We have had the ability of processing various mechanic components, machining, clamps, fixtures, and hardware punching parts.



Plastic Production and Assembly Capabilities;

Factory size of  over 5000m2, with 12 injection machines, sizes from sizes from 80 to 650 Tonne, Production capabilities include and not limited to, painting, silk screen printing, ultrasonic welding, heat plate welding and electronic product assembling packaging and storage where needed.


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Our production department currently produces plastic covers and housings for various kinds of car accessories, gardening tool assemblies and exercise machine parts for clients in Italy, Japan, Germany and Spain.

(25) 22 (32) Silk Screen Printing Line

Metal Fabrication

Precision Machining and Hardware Component Production

Working between 4 different machining factories Sino Purchasers can offer the best qualified supplier to suit most projects.
Precision turning, milling, boring, grinding hardware manufactured in various precision metal parts, relying on automatic lathes, CNC lathes, machining center, cylindrical grinding machines.



We offer a comprehensive list of services for fabricated metal, stainless steel and carbon steel products, with recommended factories for metal and steel fabrication that specialize in both small and large fabricated parts to suit most projects.





Sino Purchasers are dedicated to providing you with a trusted and reliable service
to help you enter the Chinese marketplace.  All staff and representatives of Sino Purchasers work on the principals of honesty and integrity and will always provide the highest standards of service possible to all clients.


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