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China Manufacturing, Import and Export Trade

Sino Purchasers Ltd offers it's purchasing services to clients from single owner operated first time buyers through to multi-national companies.
Each client relationship is unique -- as are their requirements. Our services are personalized with the objective of smarter buying, direct from the source, aimed at reducing your overall product costs, increasing your profit margins for your existing organization. Whether you are a buyer for a major chain, a stateside manufacturer, a distributor, inventor, or retailer -- we can add value to your company without adding to your fixed overheads.

Product Sourcing

Product / Supplier Sourcing
Selection of high quality reputable suppliers
Supplier background checks completed, prices analyzed and certifications checked for authenticity
Sample checking for western suitability
Quality control on placed orders 
Logistics both domestic and international

From complex machinery through to off the shelf purchases Sino Purchasers is your one point of contact !

We use our specialized Chinese team to negotiate on your behalf

Benefits of Sino Purchasers Ltd

You save thousands of dollars and valuable time.
Our Chinese buyers negotiate lower prices with manufacturers
No expensive time consuming trips to China.
No time wasted in finding the right manufacturer.
No time wasted by sending numerous emails to get one clear answer.
You avoid expensive mistakes that many 1st time importers make.

Our relationships with Chinese manufacturers mean you have a source you can trust.
Expert guidance in the importing process - We show you how easy importing is.


Chinese Importers and Exporters

Value added services:
  • Clear and direct line of communication.
  • Honest opinions aimed at your best interests of quality product purchase
  • One point of contact for all your purchases

What we need from you

We receive enquiries for a variety of products every day. Whilst some enquiries are just speculative we still welcome all communications. In order to give reliable details and prices we would seek the following details and information:

Basic Product Description
Required numbers
Technical and materials requirements
Destination country
Required timings
Quality inspection requirements
Packaging requirements
Additional information at your discretion

Chinese Industry
Chinese Market

Product Manufacture

Sino Purchasers is able to manage all types of product manufacture in Chna. From single item production through to complete project management Sino Purchasers will handle all details from the initial stages through to project completion.
Sino Purchasers has immediate access to thousands of Chinese manufacturers, we work with products made from metal, plastic, wood, stone, ceramics, glass, nylon or leather, plus many other materials. We can source existing products for you from a Chinese manufacturer who is making the same or similar product now, or arrange custom products made to your own specifications.
We are not a manufacturer, nor are we tied to any particular factories, but we negotiate with various manufacturers in the specified fields on your behalf.
We can work from your specifications, pictures, samples of the part, and from there our people in China will proceed with the search of factories for the right manufacturer who has the correct and suitable expertise.
We will use sub-contract independant Chinese engineers for initial product pricing with factories, factory validation, as well as quality control and dimensional reporting during production stages and upon completion.

Translation Services

Sino Purchasers can assist with document and contract translations as well provide interpreters for clients while visiting China. In addition trips and tours can be organized including domestic flights accommodation, local transport, and car hire including the driver.

By using Sino Purchasers Ltd you will save time and capital by avoiding issues such as poor communication, warranties / product returns and repeated visits to China to solve unnecessary problems.

Any inquires contact:


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