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2017; Sino Purchasers Ltd has been, and still is loading containers of mixed Bathroom products.

That's over 10 years of supplying regular container loads of mixed bathroom products including Vanity Cabinets, Acrylic & Ceramic basins, Shower Enclosures, Shower Trays, Baths, SS Bathroom Accessories, Heated Towel Racks, SS Shower Trays.
Containers going out on average every 6 weeks.
Over the years we have seen a few changes in preferred designs as well retooled a number of our own design shower bases and acrylic vanity tops to suit new styles required, thus overcoming the continuing issues with irregular quality of the Ceramic tops.
    Thanks to the hard working Sino Purchasers staff, who have inspected every single container loading for the last 10 years !!!

June 2016; The 10 year anniversary of Sino Purchasers Ltd founded and official operations in Mainland China...!

A great milestone reached for any business, well done to the dedicated Sino Purchasers Team,
all past and present staff, and of course thanks to our many clients from around the world.
In the last 10 years we have supplied numerous types of products, and learnt so much about them.
Not one product is simple, and always we need to research and learn about that production process.

It has been a super busy 10 years past, without any signs of slowing down...

2015 - 2016; Freighted over 5 Million dollars value of lighting goods.

Our Sino Purchasers freight / logistics team, shipped or airfreighted out of China, lighting and electrical items, to major distributors, to the value of over five Million USD in this two-year period. Documentation with correct declaration forms prepared correctly avoided any delays for our clients.

2015 Sent sand to the desert …

Not a large sale, but worth a mention, Sino Purchasers sales team member Phil, has send an order of Sand
to Kuwait…..
Kinetic Motion play Sand for Children, certified EN71. .. ;-) Well done Phil.

2013 - 2015; Multiple Containers of mixed Specialist metals sent to Russia.

Sino Purchasers supplying mixed items of; pre-cut galvanized sheets, AISI 430 SS stamped, & polished sheet metal, specialist vibrations insulations, heat insulation foils, all sent from various factories throughout China, for consolidations prior to sending to Russia.
Materials for used in assembly of elevators parts there.

2013 - 2015; Manufacture & Supply of Temp Power Box Metal Enclosure to Australian Mining suppliers.

Fabrication of
  • Temporary Power Boxes both, three & single phase, for commercial building sites.
  • Metal Load Centre's for industrial sites.
  • Specialist Extreme Load Centre Boxes for use in Northern Australian mine sites.
Fabricated Boxes requiring Powder coating to 126 microns with high UV resistance to tolerance the
harsh environment, all boxes produced and tested to IP66 rating.
Sino Purchasers increasing its China based team with Expat Electrical engineers and onsite QC
managers to ensure all orders met the strict tolerances and assembly prior to shipping.
From the initial client drawings & designs then prototype samples made, to full production and first full
container finished, the time taken was only 3 weeks.
This enabling loading just 2 days prior to the Chinese New Year’s holidays to meet the client’s tight
A fantastic job done by the Sino team with our partner suppliers, finishing off a very hectic 2013.
Multiply containers of the Metal Temporary power boxes and Extreme Load Centre continue to send out
in this second 2-year period.

2012; Full house fit-outs for 10 x Display Homes

Sino Purchasers' team enjoyed the challenge to arrange the purchases for the supply of complete house fit outs, for 10 x brand new display homes in Queensland.
From the main furniture's of beds, bedding, tables, outdoor settings, through to wall hangings, floor rugs and vases, all goods were purchased, packed, consolidated and send out in 2 Full containers' to Queensland Australia, with clients very happy with the quality of all the items.

2010; SS Wire Rope & Accessories Supply Update;

Regular Shipments being sent to Italy of SS Rope 8 & 10 mm with Accessories including; Stainless Steel Wire Rope Clips AISI 316, Stainless Steel Italian Type Thimble AISI 316 all with CE.
With close cooperation with our factories we can supply Stainless Steel wire rope and cable, steel rope, steel wire Un-galvanized and Galvanized wire rope and Elevator wire rope.
Other rigging hardware including, shackles, wire rope clips, ringer, turnbuckles, snap hooks, swivel, pulley, terminal, ship-rigged hardware, round ring, eye bolt, eye screw.
Products manufactured according to the International Standards such as GB, ISO, ASTM, API, MIL, EN, DIN, BS, JIS etc.
BTB Trading Co Italy nominated as the Sole Distributors in Italy, for Sino Purchasers Ltd, for SS Wire Rope and Accessories. Goods successfully passed all EU testing's and approved for Italy Building requirements. For purchases in Italy inquires, contact Flamino Tacconi at BTB Trading Co.

2008 - 2010; Marine parts supply, stampings, castings, and machining's:

Sino Purchasers partnered with CNBS supplied multiple types of SS and aluminum metal parts to Caudwell Marine in South Africa for use with its prototype Marine project.
Parts included SS Stampings, Die Castings, Investment & gravity castings, finished in a combination of raw castings and fully machined units;
The SS stampings were produced, utilizing cold drawing techniques and finished to a highly polished look for display purposes. Over 10 tools made for the first run of samples.
Multiple different pressings in 316 stainless steel material, with material thicknesses varied between 1.6mm & 4.5mm, sizes 600mm x 400mm with various curves. These pressings used in an assembly that, as well as being structural, required look good, with a highly polished finish.
Stamping parts being SS Exhaust Manifold Stampings, (Inner and outer manifolds) and complete marine housing covers.
The high-end SS machining's, had both with internal and external machining's, with low tolerances for oil capillaries with internal and external splines

2009; Insulation R 3.5 Batts for Australia

Due the Australian Government Insulation Rebate Scheme, Sino Purchasers shipped out over 50 containers of good quality R3.5 Rated insulation Batts, all made to Australian standards Australian Standard AS/NZ 4859.1 and supplied to many different Australian importers.
The demand had been crazy with factories actually selling out other buyer's orders to the highest bidders, just prior to original shipping.
Prices sky rocketed as demand was higher that could be supplied. Overnight new factories sprung up putting together orders made from scrap seconds only, from larger factories offcuts.
      Sino Purchasers could only supply our orders successfully by keeping our own people on the ground at the factories and quality checking every production through to loading, then clearance.

2008; Bathroom Vanity and Accessory Supply

Now past the second year of Sino Purchasers regular Bathroom Vanity Cabinet containers loaded and sent out to Australia.
Working between a number of cabinet factories we have refined the production processes, enabling better QC methods, meaning less down time prior to loading. The ceramic and acrylic basins from alternate factories fully checked for fitment on the cabinets prior to packing.
The start of mixed container shipments of bathroom product supplies to Australia.

2008; Toplegs exercise device to productions stage 1.

EU Award winning design, "Toplegs" , has moved from our initial prototypes, to the plastic injection tooling completed, with full production of the complete assembled and packaged plastic exercise machine, "Toplegs" for our Italian clients underway.
For this project, the manufacture of 10 new plastic injection tools was completed, with our investment purchase of specialist plastic welding machinery for the assembly, plus set-of a specific glycerin / water mix injection system during assemble (enabling the required rocking motion) for The Toplegs product.

2007 - 2008; Developed to full production of Spirit Brewing Boiler Kit.

From Clients basic urn, and lid setup, with a new penciled design outline offered, Sino Purchasers have gone through redesigning, prototyping, testing through to first production runs, prior to now multiple containers sent out to Australia.
The "Beer Me" 30 Litre Distilling kits required totally new designed SS Stamped lids with food grade rubber seals, while the sealing system needing to withstand the high pressures required during the distilling process.
Improved Australian standards elements added to the units with the electrical cutouts adjusted for brewing to the higher temps.
Six months of development and testing completed prior to the first full production runs.
All Boiler Urn Units 100 % pressure tested prior to leaving China.
Packed with accessories, and heavy-duty polystyrene for the Australian Clients local couriers' multiple containers now sending out.
Secondary product was the addition of a SS matching Alcohol filter set, this a carbon filter drain system using a replacement pure carbon hollow block system. Developed by Sino Purchasers from another basic design sketch only, through to prototypes and full production. These matching the successful Distill kits. Sino suppling full range of added Brewing consumables, and accessories including Alco and Hydro Meters, machined brass fittings, taps and jugs etc.


Production line completed and orders out.

Sino Purchasers and SMC together since 2003 have released the “Best Dirt Bike out of China”!
Sino purchasers teamed up with SMC’s Chris Holbrook in late 2003 to assist with the development of their prototypes, and have assisted all the way though to final production of the SMC range of dirt bikes.

“As a long term project we have aimed at creating the best bike out of China!”
Many companies have tried to improve on existing Chinese motorcycles to bring to the global market, but none have been competitive or successful with this approach. With this in mind, SMC took a long, slow approach to develop their motorcycles, the result being an excellent motorcycle line that can compete with the best brands in the global market.
The components we use are superior to those used on other bikes made in China thus they more expensive. This bike is designed to compete with the Japanese bikes not other Chinese bikes!

First releases are the SMC YB150 and SMC YB250 models

Note: Distributor rights are tied up in some countries

July 2006 - IRAQ Supply

Sino Purchasers Ltd appointed as the official purchasing and logistics office for the Khudairi Group for product supply from China to Iraq.
Products including;
Construction supplies
Heavy machinery
Medical equipment
Food and drink lines

Products to be considered for shipment to Iraq need to be only of the best quality with suppliers showing the ability to meet ongoing orders.  This must include ISO certification and suitable product warrantees and be able to offer operator training where required.
Suppliers need to be able to provide long term supply capability and prove reliability to be considered. Services within Iraq through the Khudairi Group includes, logistics, warehousing, and food distribution links

Feb 2006 - China Heavy Industry Supply

Sino Purchasers Ltd opens a second satellite office in Central China as a supply service for various coalmines, power stations and industries throughout Central China and Inner Mongolia

Sino Purchasers provide purchasing services of heavy machinery, industrial supplies and consumables and can source those hard to find specialist machine parts from Western Countries.
Sino Purchasers satellite office in Taiyuan, Central China, is the direct contact for supply and has fostered excellent relationships within the mining community and also is well connected with both private enterprises and State (Government) run power station and coal mines.
Sino Purchasers can arrange logistics, documentation and delivery direct to mine sites
For suppliers wanting to introduce product to these industries within China, please forward details direct to Sino Purchasers Ltd.:


Any inquires contact:


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